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A story of expansion

Established in 2019 as an addition to Striker Investment Realty, Striker Apartment Leasing provides an advantageous blend of real apartment leasing and property management.

Founders Michelle Streicher, Broker of Record, and Brian Jaffe, Managing Director, offer decades of direct product knowledge and industry experience. Having forged lasting relationships with building owners and managers all across New Jersey, they deliver the most dependable and competent brokerage services available.

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Striker Apartment Leasing maintains an impressive private selection of rentals in NJ and neighboring locales

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Our Leaders

Managing Director

Brian Jaffe is credited with a dream sheet of market accolades. He’s reduced operating expenses by up to 50% while upgrading the tenant experience. He maintains an impeccable 1-3% vacancy in areas that otherwise flirt with 10% average. He delivers peerless tenant loyalty and retention across all properties, totaling above 5,000 leases. Above and beyond these metrics, Jaffe’s personal profile is what makes him most fitting to the Striker corporate culture. As our founder and CEO Michelle Streicher notes, “The greater Striker company is built on a very simple philosophy: Treat it like your own.” From the assets to the people (whom we recognize as the most valuable assets of all), Striker is known for putting the ‘real’ back into real estate. Under Jaffe’s leadership, Striker Management service multi-families, condos, co-ops, mixed-use apartments, adult communities and other A, B and C class properties. Our full service stack encompass the finest in asset maintenance, personnel hiring, 24/7 emergency services, lease and rent rolls, tenant relations, vacancies, evictions, and a collection of custom services.

Broker of Record

Michelle is a mind-over-matter CEO, leading from a position of unparalleled prowess. Starting in management and working her way up to property development, Michelle uses her experiences to help clients and employees maximize their own potential. As a Broker of Record, she has sold over 500 properties throughout her illustrious 30-year career, representing multiple investment property class-types and sizes. Known as an excellent negotiator, Michelle loves working through complex challenges, finding creative solutions, and of course, closing deals. But to her, every deal is more than a sale, and she works to make each one a personally enriching experience for everyone involved. In addition to forging an inspired, trendsetting culture at Striker, Michelle enjoys organic food, green drinks, and would readily trade the noise of the market for the calm of the ocean. She is proudly addicted to running, spinning, bar-method and ice skating.

Our goal: Make the market simple

Because the renting process can be overwhelming, our leasing consultants treat you with utmost personal care, paying close attention to your unique needs. With comprehensive marketing experience and thorough knowledge of local rental markets, our aim is to simplify the leasing process so you can get back to business as usual.

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