Keeping tenants housed during COVID shakeups and the end of eviction moratoriums

Brian Jaffe, Managing Director at Striker’s three division real estate business answered some questions about keeping tenants housed during COVID induced shakeups and the end of eviction moratoriums. “A lot of people do owe money, but we work out deals. Eviction is something that you shouldn’t rush to do and don’t want to do, so we get creative.”

1. “We waive late fees. If rent is paid by the 15th, late fees are waived.”

2. “No rent increases during covid.”

3. “We give an option to pay off over a certain amount of time.”

4. “Some benefit from a dca stimulus package from the State of New Jersey. If the tenant applies

and Striker Management applies, some benefit from back rent payoffs and future rents. We are currently waiting for more money to come in from those programs.”

5. “At our two recently leased up properties at 2 Spring and 45 William in Newark, we’ve pre-qualified tenants to ensure that rents are collected.”

About Striker Apartment Leasing

Established in 2019 as an addition to Striker Investment Realty, Striker Apartment Leasing provides an advantageous blend of real apartment leasing and property management. Founders Michelle Streicher, Broker of Record, and Brian Jaffe, Managing Director, offer decades of direct product knowledge and industry experience. Having forged lasting relationships with building owners and managers all across New Jersey, they deliver the most dependable and competent brokerage services available. Find more information at