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I first heard about Striker Apartment Leasing in 2020 when I rented my first apartment with the company. The staff was wonderful to work with. Very professional, quick, and efficient. Striker’s Leasing consultant I worked with was so kind, thoughtful, reliable and always helpful. I expressed what I was looking for in an apartment, and Striker made sure I was satisfied with my option before renting it to my husband and I. We are so happy to have met Striker and the leasing consultant assigned to me. This is now my second apartment with Striker Apartment Leasing, I am happy and thankful to work with this company. I recommend anyone who is looking for apartments to choose Striker Apartment Leasing.

Tavia Carter

I, Laura Cuadros and my husband Juan Betancourt are very satisfied with the experience we had at Striker Apartment Leasing. They helped us find the apartment we were looking for. They met our expectations and beyond. Special thanks to Striker Apartment Leasing who guided us through the leasing process and made everything easier for us.

Laura Cuadros

The staff of Striker Apartment Leasing has been professional and efficient, making my rental process smooth and comfortable. They answered all my questions promptly. It has been a pleasure.

Michael Darpino

Our experience with the Striker Leasing team is 5 star and we’re very happy with the comfort level and professionalism. Our entire experience was well worth the outcome and I’m satisfied as a new tenant! Thank you team Striker!!

Mr. and Mrs. Boyd


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