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  • Apartment Buildings
  • Mixed-use Buildings
  • Land for Development
  • Retail Spaces
  • Self-Storage Facilities
  • Office Buildings

The Striker Edge

Serving a diversity of clients across multiple property types, Striker Investment Realty offers infinite marketing potential. Our open, collaborative culture has no buyer territories, which allows every project to receive maximum exposure.

Our growing base of fantastic, qualified investors receives prompt notice of new properties, enabling rapid dealmaking free from geographical and other constraints. And what’s more, our consultants are always considerate of client privacy needs, which is why properties are never listed on our website. Instead, they are sold through a seamless network of expert investors who treat your property like a precious treasure. From initial marketing through closing and post-closing, you can trust Striker to handle the entire process with enthusiasm and professionalism.

To find a property

If you’re looking to buy, we take your call personally. We approach each client with enthusiasm, focus and a reassuring smile. The initial goal is to identify appropriate properties fit for your risk tolerance, desired criteria and greater investment dreams. Striker takes pride in helping you maximize value, build wealth and forge long-term relationships for even greater shared opportunities.


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To sell a property

Striker is thrilled to steer you through the process with the professionalism, discretion, and expertise you deserve. Every property has a unique story, and yours is no different. We ask the right questions and use our skills and foresight to gain full understanding. We not only find the apparent value, but also your property’s hidden value in order to maximize its potential. Get ready to achieve your goals—and more.


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